Wacko Romney Supporter and Trickle Down Identity

Yesterday I watched on the news a heavy set elderly woman “demand” that Romney promise her unequivocally that he would end “Obamacare”! Romney replied “absolutely”!

This wacko Romney supporter is probably a member of the Tea Party and works at Walmart for minimum wage!

Hey but she wants to “show dem damn socialists we aren’t going to take it anymore”!

To achieve freedom from the corporate collectivists goes against her “self identity” as a corporate slave! She is nuts! Let’s see how loyal our social betters would be to her and her elk when they go into old age in poverty. Especially when their mate dies!

Watch this video from Senator Bernie Sanders!

Freedom To Serve The Corporate Collective

These idiots in the Tea Party seem to get some kind of vicarious sense of power by destroying their own self interest because they suffer from “Trickle Down Identity”! We have progressed down the trail of idiots. We not only have tricle down economics but as I mentioned in a prior article a new soical meme! That of “trickle down identity”.

This fat elderly woman is a great case in point. She seems to derive her identity from serving the corporate collectivists and their fellow travelers in the Republican Party! The “act of destroying her self interest” is at least an “act” which is what attracts these members of the legion of the helpless!

Just think of what four more years of testosterone free leadership by Barrack Obama can do to those of us who really believe in “Change We Can Believe In”! My point is that Obama is partially responsible for this woman’s idiocy! Americans love ACTION FIGURES and Barrack Obama is a wimp!

Obama should have:

  1. Commanded the air waves calling for a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state. But the Goldman Sachs 2008 PAC winner would not do that.
  2. Pushed for single payer health care.
  3. Argued for repeal not only of the Bush Tax Cuts but the Reagan and Kennedy ones as well!

I have no respect for anyone who could let our party go from a super majority in the Senate and control of the House to the position we are today where the issue is “how can we best lower the deficit”! That is not why I voted for Barrack Obama!

But let’s get back to this old lady who hates Obama Care.

Maybe we should allow corporations to refuse fat old ladies like her medical coverage on the ground that she is fat and we have to pay for her future diabetes! Maybe we should oblige her and take away her socialist social security! The sight of her is pathetic! To try to pander to the likes of Mitt Romney against her own self interest makes you wonder just how bad this nation has become!

This elderly lady is a perfect example of the future of America! When “Change We Can Believe In’ can only be practiced inside the monied confines of the “CORPORATE SANDBOX”!

When that happens people loose faith but they still want to see “ACTION”! Thus any action, even against their self interest is better than the testosterone free political style of our current President Barrack “Goldman Sachs” Obama!

While the actions of that old lady were pathetic I blame Barrack Obama for the continuation of the “meme of trickle down identity” that is infecting our society today!

People want ACTION not a college professor who lacks the testosterone for a dirty fight against the Tea Party crowd! Just think of what four more years of testosterone free leadership can do for the promulgation of the progressive agenda! Thank God for the patriots in the “Occupy Wall Street Movement”! 

People will chose to destroy the work of FDR just because doing so involves “ACTION” rather than the “celebration of the testosterone free lifestyle” that  Barrack Obama role models every day!

God help America!

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