Wars Done: You’ve Got Record Opium!

Senator John McCain continues to preach for a continuation of the vast costly right wing social engineering experiment in Afghanistan. Today on “Meet The Press” he outlined Republican talking points concerning the war and American foreign policy!

Senator McCain just does not get it!

Maybe he had a consultation before going on the air with that foreign policy genius Sarah Palin!

Let me list McCain’s points then I will discus each of them.

  1. “We can win the war”!
  2. “We can stay forever just like we are in Europe and North Korea!
  3. “We should get involved in Syria but Obama is not providing leadership to stop a humanitarian crisis!
  4. “The deficit is out of control”!

You can view the video of John McCain below if you wish! (If it is not clickable press your “refresh button”!)

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Time For A Reality Break!

Let’s Discuss Each Of Senator McCain’s Points

1. “We Can Win The War!”

Senator where have you been we have won the war! Opium production is through the ceiling! We have burned Korans when we should have been burning opium! The British want to destroy the opium but according to British sources we do not want to do this! Meanwhile our religious zealot allies in Afghanistan seem to have no problem with raising opium and killing heretics! Oh yes let’s send Americans to die for them!

Osama Bin Ladin is dead as is most of the senior leadership of Al Qaeda! So why should we stay? We can bomb any Al Qaeda base camps after we leave if they should build them!

We win world wars in the space of 3 – 4 years. We have been in Afghanistan for over a decade! What can we possibly do that we haven’t done already?

2. “We Can Stay Forever Just Like We Are In Germany”!

The difference is that Poland and France are not controlled by Nazis. The Nazi resistance in Germany had no external safe havens. Thus it died. In Afghanistan the Taliban do! Germany also had a more democratic history prior to the Nazis. Afghanistan has no democratic history! Furthermore we never had enough troops in Afghanistan to begin with. Bush even side tracked us to Iraq for years. Time to move on.

3. “We should get involved in Syria for humanitarian reasons but Obama will not provide the leadership!”

Well I would have no problem dropping arms to the Syrian rebels but if John McCain is so worried about people dying I wonder if he ever heard of “DARFUR”! Well now let’s see why is “Syria” so important while “Darfur” is not? Could it be that “Darfur” has no border with “Israel”? Please correct me if I am wrong but why hasn’t Israel screamed the loudest at the genocide in Darfur?

4. “The Deficit is out of control!”

What is even more amazing about John McCain’s logic is he talks about the rising national debt! Great continue the war in Afghanistan and the Bush Tax Cuts! Care for some opium?

Meanwhile Back At Home Time For Hope And Change!

Well at least we have Barrack Obama as president! While our nation is threatened by the subjugation of the individual to the CORPORATE COLLECTIVE we can all sleep peacefully at night with the 2008 Goldman Sachs PAC winner at our helm!

No need to worry that our democracy is going to be undermined by corporations after the citizen’s united ruling! No we live in the era of “Change we can believe in!”

Just look at  the way our decisive president used the bully pulpit to call for a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state can make us progressives feel a sense of pride! If you believe that then you dear reader have been smoking with McCain some Afghan opium!

Sure I am glad that navy seals took out Osama bin Laden. Now can we have a predator drone go up Senator Joe Lieberman’s ass? Can we get Democrats to once again act like Democrats and demand we take our troops out of harms way? Maybe I need some Afghan opium!

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