We Need A Progressive Version Of The Tea Party

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Tea Party Rally

We need to learn from the Tea Party. Amazing isn’t it that Democrats could win control of both houses of Congress and the Presidency in 2008. Yet the “Troika of Impotence”, Obama, Reid and Pelosi where no match for the Tea Party.

Change We Can Believe In: Day #928

Our defeat as Progressives, and we have been defeated, is due to both the drive of the Tea Party and to the lack of drive from Democrats.

Case in point!

Yesterday Standard and Poors dropped America’s credit rating by one point. Many news commentators have said this could result in a rise in interest rates for mortgages, student loans and credit cards.

Democrats have been applauding the so called “Financial Reform Law“. Well does it provide for protection against “Usury”? – No! But it does provide that you will be notified when your credit card interest rate reaches mafia loan shark proportions. So nice isn’t it to know that Wall Street Chuckie and friends would not stand up for the middle class against their corporate sponsors to allow middle class Americans some level of protection against usury!

Corporations can declare bankruptcy but the average citizen finds this harder to do because of the change in the legal codes. Don’t just blame the Republicans but also Wall Street Chuckie and his fellow travelers!

I am tired of calling this “Change We Can Believe In” because it is not! Below Bill Maher voices the concerns of many Progressive Democrats!

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 The Tea Party Does Not Know The Word “Defeat”

The time has come to learn from the Tea Party and for Democrats and especially Progressives to get some testosterone!

Let’s forget for a moment the wimpy response of President Obama to the way the Tea Party completely  misrepresented Health Care Reform and the way Obama joined with them to destroy the Public Option.

Consider the way we are now discussing the need for a Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment! The Tea Party are not concerned that there are not enough votes in Congress. They press full speed ahead. To bad Obama did not press for a real stimulus package when he took office and had the votes! Besides he  could arm twist Democrats to get them! But things have become worse as the Supreme Court now will allow corporations to get even more involved in our nation’s political system.

Constitutional Amendment To Ban Corporate Personhood

Barrack Obama talked the talk about keeping corporations out of funding political candidates but did he walk the walk? Hell no! Even if the recent decision by the Supreme Court were reversed, and it will not be, our nation is still under the dominion of the corporate collectivists! K-Street is involved, not with just Republicans, but Democrats as well.

Many Democrats and Progressives as well, cannot survive without corporate funding of their campaigns. Therefore they “play” Progressive inside the confines of the “corporate sandbox!”

Why The Tea Party Wins

While I realize that it is hard for the Tea Party not to win when confronted with such a wimpy response from Democrats let me list some reasons that we Progressives need to learn from the Tea Party:

  1. They are not afraid of going for the gold.
  2. The Tea Party will up the rhetoric to whatever level they need to win.
  3. If a Republican does not toe the extreme right wing line they will challenge him or her in a primary!
  4. They don’t buy the line that to be confrontational, either in public or against fellow Republicans, will result in a Democratic Party victory. Furthermore they don’t care. Full speed ahead!
  5. They realize that Americans love “ACTION FIGURES” even if the action is stupid.

The Tea Party would not be successful however if they were confronted by Democrats.

Let me list some reasons why Democrats have not fought back:

  1. Barrack Obama wants to be a Carl Rogers style “Facilitator“. This method of leadership was pioneered by psychologist Carl Rogers who is the founder of the “Person Centered Approach” to therapy. This view sees an organization as a living organism where all the parts have to be integrated and real change comes from a light touch. Yes very nice idea. But as I mentioned in prior posts you cannot use the “Person Centered Approach” when corporations are treated as persons!
  2. Obama seems to believe that Americans want a calm, rational approach without name calling. No Americans want jobs and it is time to use FDR’s style of rabid class warfare rhetoric in an era when class warfare is indeed being waged against the middle class.
  3. Most Democrats are as I said before, “playing” liberal inside the confines of the “corporate sandbox”. They may be sincere but they fear facing an election without their funding.
  4. The Testosterone Factor: This is a culmination of all the factors above. Democrats don’t have the drive to win both because they don’t want to offend their corporate sponsors but also the very idea of throwing RED MEAT to the public on a SUSTAINED DAILY BASIS is not in their world view. As I have mentioned in prior posts the problem is not just Obama. Nancy Pelosi was Speaker of the House two years before Obama became President. She could have used the power of the “purse” that the Constitution gives the House to end the war. She did not do that as it would be to divisive. The Tea Party has no such problems!
  5. The Benedict Arnolds among us factor. These are the Joe Leibermanns and friends. This is why we must be like the Tea Party and remove them. Lieberman was ousted from the Democratic Party but he is still a member of the Caucus. – Why?

But What About Progressives?

Unfortunately Progressives are suffering from Testosterone Trickle Down Deficiency Syndrome!   While some also have to decide between values vs. corporate funding most just do not want to attack Obama! They fear going against our nation’s first African American President. By this decision they have chosen Barrack Obama over “Change We Can Believe In“!

No matter how you slice it Barrack Obama is a wimp!

Sorry folks but that is the truth. Accept it and move on! You find that hard? Then as I have done before let me introduce you to a lady who has a short question for you in the short video below. Don’t be mad at me! If you are you just cannot deal with the “cognitive dissonance her question evokes! As I said “accept it” and let’s move on past Obama”!

Shock Therapy For Obama Groupies Below

Answer the Question that the lady in the video asks!

If you actually feel good about that then you are placing Obama over values!

The difference between Democrats and Progressives on one side and the Tea Party on the other is that:

The Tea Party  honestly does believe in their “VALUES” over their candidates! I really respect them for that. If the candidate does not support their values they would rather loose the election to a Democrat than see the Republican “Brand” be redefined.

What about the Democratic Party “Brand” and the values that FDR fought and stood for? Do you value that or Barrack Obama?

That is why we Progressives must support Senator Bernie Sanders for President in 2012 and Howard Dean for Vice President!

Do you believe in Obama or “Change We Can Believe In”? Time to move past the warm fuzzy feelings of November 2008 and fight to defend “Change We Can Believe In” no matter what the cost! If you have values then the fight is never in vain even if we loose the battle in 2012.

Imagine four more years of Obama giving the store away!

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