What Progressives Can Do

I am very disappointed that Senator Bernie Sanders has not decided to run against Barrack Obama in the Democratic Primary or better still as a third party candidate. Yes Obama is starting to act and talk like the man I voted for in 2008 but I don’t believe it for a moment.

As a Progressive I really fear the re-election of Barrack Obama! He seems to have this aversion to the goals of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt! FDR wanted to have a second bill of rights that guaranteed:

  1. Freedom from unemployment
  2. Freedom from the fear of health care costs.
  3. Freedom from living one’s old age in poverty!
  4. Freedom from tuition prohibitions in gaining a college degree!

Barrack Obama And The Democrats Face A Values Crisis

It is bad enough that the rational element of the GOP has all but been destroyed! But Democrats seem to now want to “play” make believe Progressive inside the moneyed confines of the corporate sandbox! Just look at the phony financial reforms that leave our nation vulnerable to yet another crash while corporations are now declared “persons”!

In this era of “licentious permissiveness”, to use a rhetorical phase of the conservatives, these corporate persons have no responsibility to the nation that gave them birth, protection and profits! They weasel their profits to off shore hideouts while the middle class pays their taxes! Conservatives have a term for this! They call it “FREEDOM”!

Yes in this brave new world we are to “enjoy” the freedom to serve our social betters! While the corporate news media never mention FDR’s Second Bill Of Rights! and our so called Progressive president seeks re-election in order to have a “grand compromise” that will undermine social security and Medicare instead of expanding it!

But isn’t Obama now starting to speak up?

Sure but you know we are nearing the end of his first term and he is only now discovering that as president he has a bully pulpit! Nice speach he just gave about bringing American jobs back home but why did he sign yet another free trade deal only months before?

The issue we face today in our nation is this:

What do we value more, the income from a paycheck or the income from a dividend check frequently acquired from the work of the ancestors of the 1%?

True not all the income of the top 1% is from their ancestors.

But their paychecks just keep giving and giving and giving and giving! While they ship both blue and white collar jobs overseas! Being far above the norm their income can be diverted into stocks while the rest of us see our income diverted into repayment of college loans, credit cards and mortgages!

Yes this is the “FREEDOM” they want for America!

The “freedom” to see our prices for goods and services charged by corporations used against us! Corporations can now directly tap their own treasury to advance their favorite causes! We pay for their political advocacy! This is “taxation without representation”!

Meanwhile their sugar coated tongues talk about the “freedom” of the individual vs. the collective!

As FDR said:

  1. A person without a job is not free!
  2. An elderly person with out financial security is not free!
  3. A person who has medical costs that are not covered is not free!
  4. A college student who is burdened with heavy tuition while their white collar job is being off shored is not free!

Yet this is the “FREEDOM” that both the Republicans and corporatist Democrats wish to impose on America!

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What About Barrack Obama In 2012?

Barrack Obama is like a moth flying straight into a flame! He has this obsession with a “grand compromise” that will weaken social security and Medicare.

Both Obama and Buddy Roemer talk about so –  called “tort reform”! This is the last thing we need. Trial lawyers are the last line of defense for the “individual”  average Joe in a world of corporate collectivism!

Tort Reform: Just Say “NO”!

We live in an era of licentious permissiveness where laws protecting the individual in our work environment, product purchases and medical consumption of services are being weakened in the service of corporate profits! A trial lawyer who sues in our behalf is a free market answer to defective products, malpractice, environmental pollution, dangerous work environments and discriminative corporations!

Yet even this is to be denied us! Worse yet is that Barrack Obama is willing to give the Republicans tort reform and Buddy Roemer already says he is for it!

How Progressives Need To Face 2012

No Progressive wants to stand up to Barrack Obama! Ralph Nader did not even go through with his testosterone deficient challenge to Obama. Ralph Nader was supposed to recruit half a dozen college professors and college presidents to run against Obama in the primaries so we could have a discussion of the issues!

Ralph Nader even said he wanted several candidates so that Obama would still win. The purpose of this exercise was to pull Obama leftward. Ralph Nader even stated he did not really want to unseat Obama only to reform him!

Ralph Nader seems to have contacted “Obama testosterone deficiency”! This makes liberals the laughing stock of the nation! Imagine a committee of egg heads to simply “debate” Obama without the real goal of winning! Is it any wonder that the word “liberal” has the taint of being wimpy?

This leaves Progressives out in the cold. As a blogger I really do NOT want to get caught up in the election process defending Barrack Obama! Sure I think the Republicans are nuts! But when Obama just stood by as the Tea Party changed the nature of the debates in America I realized that Obama is a wimp! If it were not for the Occupy Wall Street Movement then Obama would have given even more away! Just look at how weak his financial reforms were. But then what would you expect from the Goldman Sachs 2008 PAC winner?

My solution is to not focus on supporting Barrack Obama. His friends at Goldman Sachs can take care of that! Instead this blog will become an instrument to wage psychological warfare by exploring the rhetoric of the right and how you can turn it back at them in your face to face dealings with conservative friends.

Progressives must channel their energy into issue oriented groups instead of working for Barrack Obama! I will be listing “how to” guides in turning conservative rhetoric around to use against right wingers!

If I do vote for Obama I will still not volunteer for his campaign.

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