Why This Website’s Silence?

I have tried to cut the new President some slack. I wanted to see if the presidency would elevate him.  Instead he is lowering the integrity of this nation. I was for Bernie Sanders. When he lost I ended up voting Green. Some will say that people like myself gave us Trump. Even now I still have NO REGRETS that I VOTED GREEN and would do it again, even knowing what I do now.

This is a war, not a battle. The Democratic Party has to be purged of corporatists shrills like Hillary Clinton and I do not care what the cost.

It was a lack of being forceful against the CUT AND RUN CAPISTLISTS who off shore our jobs that gave us Trump. It was the lack of testosterone in Obama that allowed the “normalization of the lie”! This then contributed to the rise of Trump.

Hillary Clinton’s behavior gave us Donald Trump.

  • she supported the H1-B Visa program that destroyed the careers of American college students. Computer programmers lost their jobs to imported H1-b workers AND had to train their replacements. Then Hillary Clinton and Obama would lecture about the need for higher education – WTF?
  • her flirting with TPP.
  • She conspired with Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the payday loan queen, to undermine Bernie Sanders.
  • She used white noise machines to hid her speech to rich donors.
  • Americans wanted our jobs returned. Instead, we were told to go to college. Sure then we see high tech jobs both offshored and those that remain are outsourced to H1-B temp workers. All while the Clinton coffers get their kickbacks.

I demand a better choice than supporting the better of two evils.

The idiocy of Donald Trump and his Kremlin connections does not make Hillary Clinton’s white noise machines go away.

Both Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Supporters Need To Face Their Existential Anxiety


Just look how supporters of Trump and Hillary Clinton will swallow the lies.

Hillary Clinton supporters:

  • Want to believe that if you get an education all will be peachy keen. Yeah right.
  • That all the blue collar jobs that were lost were not sent to China but the result of automation. Really? So why not have those automated factories here in America where we could tax them and have computer programmers run them?
  • Don’t want to look at that white noise video above just make believe all is well while both our white and blue collar jobs get offshored.
  • That Trump’s violation of his promises validates looking the other way from Hillary Clinton’s lies.

Donald Trump supporters:

  • Are becoming what theologian and psychotherapist H. Scott Peck called “People of the lie“.
  • They are normalizing corruption and placing support for Trump over patriotism.
  • Need to face there really is some weird Trump – Russia connection that would make the “Illuminati conspiracy theorist” claim validation.
  • They support “fact free epistemology”!

This Website And The Future

I have honestly tried to allow Donald Trump some slack. He had some good points like:

  1. Rejection of TPP and Globalization
  2. Instituting a tariff to bring our jobs back.
  3. Pushing for infrastructure repair.

I hoped he would mature and the good points above would pass while Democrats and some Republicans could block him from deporting people.

I have cut him slack and now it is time to attack the lies and the liar.

Again I have NO REGRETS that I voted Green and would do so again today given the choices.

But the election is over and now is the time fight Trump and his lies. To that end, this website will forge ahead. I will also add some short talking points you can use.

Thank you, folks, for reading and let’s hope we have either Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren in 2020!

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