Will The Democrats Be Wimps While The RNC Smears Obama?

The Republican Party is once again going to run a smear campaign and “straight talking” John McCain says he doesn’t have any control of the Republican National Committee. When will the Democratic Party get the guts to fight back and stop believing that negative campaigns don’t work? They do work just ask John Kerry! Now we hear that the Republican National Committee is going to go negative and Barrack Obama is setting up a website to counter act the smears! Wow I am impressed – yeah right! The Democrats have got to get in the dirt and fight back hard!

But then again the Democrats won the election in 2006 but did they do anything to stop the war? Hell no! I admit that they would be taking a big gamble if they cut off the funding for the war as Bush and his fellow travelers would use that to paint the Democrats as not supporting the troops! But there are other strategies that the Democrats could use to attack Bush!

  1. Impeach George Bush. Congressman Dennis Kucinich is attempting to do this currently. The Republicans had no problem driving this country down the impeachment path when Bill Clinton was the President. Don’t the Democrats have any guts to do the same?
  2. Hold extensive in depth hearings concerning how this nation got into the war and if the decision making process was corrupted by George Bush. Congress has the constitutional right to issue subpoenas to accomplish this mandate. They have done some but they don’t have the guts to do more! Why?
  3. Hold hearings to at least give George Bush a Congressional Censure concerning changing the “Mission” of the Iraqi Operation from overthrowing Saddam Hussein which was what Congress voted on, to the new mission. That being George Bush’s SOCIAL ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT in Iraq!
  4. Hold extensive hearings into WAR PROFITEERING and how corporate interests influence decision making processes of our Government! Is Nancy Pelosi a complete chicken?
  5. George Bush is the Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces yet there is no record of his completed service in the National Guard. If the Democrats don’t have the guts to cut off funding for the war because of patriotic issues concerning our troops, don’t the American people have a right to investigate George Bush’s record in the National Guard? <See the video below>
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The Democratic Party has turned into wimps! Yes even www.Moveon.org has turned wimpy. They above video was their commercial and they backed away from it! Now the RNC will use smear tactics and the question is, will Obama continue with his plans to run a cordial town hall debate series with John McCain while this is occurring? Have you noticed the flag lapel controversy that has started up just like in the past during the Vietnam War? While I don’t believe one’s patriotism is measured by wearing a flag pin I am glad Barrack Obama did not fall into their trap!

How about the CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS that have deserted America placing profits over the nation that gave them birth while the BLEEDING HEART REPUBLICANS support them. Such as:

  • Halliburton that has a subsidiary in Iran
  • ITT that pleaded guilty to selling military technology to China
  • General Electric that also is selling equipment to Iran!

What is wrong with the Democrats have they turned into spineless gutless wimps? Time go kick some Republican ass and defend America! This nation’s Silent Majority – our great Middle Class demands The Republican Social Engineering Experiment in Iraq come to and end – NOW! Meanwhile opium production is soaring in Afghanistan as is the growth of the Taliban and Al Qaeda central! Our borders are wide open and Bush even wanted to turn over our ports to the United Arab Emirates! Don’t the Democrats have any spine to stand up to Bush?