Wisconsin And The PR Problem Of Unions

When will Democrats learn that Republicans will use any strategy to win the class war! When will Democrats learn that it perfectly fine to talk about the “class war” that is being waged against the Middle Class by these effete snobs of privilege! Republicans will use envy, division, fear and attempt to side track the Silent Majority into believing our nation’s survival is not threatened by CUT ANR RUN CAPITALISTS who ship our jobs and technology to China but rather some poor Gay couple that just wants to get married!

Yet Democrats will not take up the rhetoric of FDR who talked about “Economic Royalists”, “Organized Money” and the need for a “Second Bill Of Rights”. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was himself a rich man, was also rich in spirit! FDR may have been a cripple but his rhetoric and fighting spirit for the middle class was ceaseless. Below FDR calls for a “Second Bill of Rights”. If you don’t have economic freedom then you are not free! FDR was right but Democrats have forgotten!

But unions have lost some of their “national militancy” and have developed frequently a parochial attitude that Republicans are trying to exploit in the current crises in Wisconsin! We need to examine how Democrats and organized labor are vulnerable so that we can fight back. The Governor of Wisconsin wants to upstage New Jersey Governor Chris Christie! The problem is unions are not doing an aggressive PR campaign to counter this. Indeed I will argue they are not even aware why they are vulnerable.

Trickle Out Union Benefits All Americans

Unions have given us the 5 day work week, The 8 hour day, overtime and vacations. These benefits have generalized to most of the workforce even if they are not unionized. But unions and in particular, civil service unions are vulnerable to Republican “ENVY” attacks!

How Unions Hurt Themselves And Democrats

Unions must stop talking about the “working man”. First in today’s economy that is sexist! I used to hate unions. That’s right this super leftie liberal used to hate unions for two reasons:

  1. During the Vietnam War construction workers used to beat up student peace protestors! If you did not work with your hands then you were not considered to work for a living! Sure the era of Vietnam is long since gone. But I find many of my union friends today listen to FoxNews and Glen Beck religiously! The union leadership may be liberal but the members aren’t and sometimes not even the leadership is liberal. Sorry if I have to break this to my fellow liberals.
  2. For God’s sake STOP talking about the “Working Man” and start talking about the “EMPLOYEE”!

Replace “Working Man” With “Employee”

The term “working man” is sexist! Also what about white collar workers? Unions and Democrats should instead talk about the “Rights of the EMPLOYEE”! Every employee should question why their corporation’s executives earn more on the first day of the year then their employees make in the whole year! By the way that is called “envy” and it is a highly desirable and constructively good trait.

If you are middle class and you have “self respect” then you have to question why someone else starts to earn over three times your annual income and you don’t see a cure for cancer, aids or heart disease! Yet corporate executives earn far more than three times the average employees’ salary.

Republicans deflect the rightful envy of middle class Americans by creating side shows. Examples are making Americans scared of gay marriage!

My whole point is that UNIONS become the target for the displaced envy of the average American. As I mentioned I now work as a blue collar union worker. Because my fellow union members are relatively well off they vote Republican! They religiously watch Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity! The majority of union members believe Liberals are wimps!

I am a college graduate and when I see my programming jobs off shored and H1-b foreign workers brought in to reduce the salaries of those jobs that remain I become enraged that this issue is not on the national agenda! Currently I work as a unionized blue collar worker. Yes I am glad to have a union. I cannot see how anyone can live in this nation without a contract.

When I was a white collar worker at AIG I did not get dental insurance from American International “INSURANCE” Company.

When I would hear about the “Plight of the WORKING MAN” I would become (and still do) become enraged! As a college graduate I was working and I am a man also! Where were the politicians to protect me?

I believed that unions only care for their own!  Yes I realize that is what they are there for but guess what? Just like I resent going to a white collar job interview and talking like the corporation’s interests are my interests, white collar employees resent union members terming themselves “working men” and that their mere pittance of the work force represents the work force in America!

Frequently unions would also go against liberals and the Democratic Party! I mentioned the construction workers during the Vietnam War as one example!

Please don’t tell white collar workers they should just unionize since those who are blue collar union members did not organize but “inherited” their unions as part of their job! The AFL-CIO should make it a policy to organize white collar employees!  I laugh when I hear that Obama wants to strengthen education and job training for displaced blue collar workers!

Why doen’t anyone notice that white collar computer programmers are seeing their jobs off shored and H1-b workers brought in to undermine the job market? Why is it that only Glen Beck and Lou Dobbs actually take up this issue?

As a liberal and Social Democrat leftie I have mixed emotions even now when I see Ed Schultz in Wisconsin supporting Union Civil Service Employees! I feel that way because I know many of these very same people who are demonstrating are CONSERVATIVES! They watch Fox News every night! They normally would hate Rachel Maddow! I am sorry my fellow liberals but I am telling you the truth!

I want to see organized labor get out of it’s parochial mindset! Take up the cause of ALL EMPLOYEES both blue collar and white collar. For God’s sake stop talking about the “working man” as if to be one you only can work in construction or a blue collar position and be a union member!

If labor does not take on a universalist attitude it will be doomed! Republicans will exploit this. We are going from an era when union organizing was going to be full scale to an era where right to work laws will become the norm! That is unless unions reform their public image!

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