Wisconsin Loss Is Obama’s Fault

Let’s stop making excuses for this arugula eating wimp Obama. He was a “community organizer’ for God’s sake. You mean Obama did not realize with his community organizing background, that in this tight election a string of presidential visits would have breathed life into the recall effort?

Barrack Obama looked the other way when Rev. Wright blasted America. Now that the middle class needed him to do a massive campaign in Wisconsin Obama did what he does best – look the other way!

Let me repeat what a tweet I have made:

Obama does not realize that to have “won” in Wisconsin, unlike the Nobel Prize, he actually has to work to earn the win! Oh yes this is “change we can believe in”!

Obama Sends A Tweet Of Support – WIMP

Wow what support! Obama actually sent a tweet of support. Obama was to busy celebrating the testosterone free lifestyle to make a string of campagin stops in Wisconsin to support the unions! Guess he was more concerned about raising campaign money from his Wall Street friends. Well I am going to look the other way this November. I urge my readers to vote for Buddy Roemer or do a write in for Bernie Sanders.

When will Democrats stop playing “make believe liberal” inside the monied confines of the CORPORATE SANDBOX of their Wall Street contributors? The DNC responded but to little and to late!

GOP Strategy: Union Envy

The Republicans have succeded in playing middle class Americans against each other once again by employing “union envy”.

“Why should they have pensions and health care when the rest of us don’t?”

One reason the Republicans get away with this is because Democrats just don’t understand that Republicans are already waging “class warfare”! We need to counter act this! The answer is to induce 1% envy.

But as long as we have wimps like Obama leading the Democratic Party this will continue. I am seriously considering changing my party affiliation to Green.

For you Obama junkies here is the one speech that Obama made in support of the unions in Wisconsin. Below Barrack Obama gives a rousing speech in support of unions!


Great show of support Obama. You can expect the same support from me in November!

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