Without A Strong Public Option Progressives Should Filibuster

The Health Care Bill with a weak or no Public Option is an exercise in Democratic Party masochism! With the number of restrictions being placed on the Public Option it is being set up to bring both Universal Health Care and the liberal movement down! Since only a few will be allowed to take the Public Option, the power of the “pool” is to weak to negotiate better health rates with drug companies, doctors and hospitals!

Without action all agree health care costs are about to explode. The public is not fully aware of this. If this weak watered down Health Care Bill passes with it’s  lack of muscle to give real competition to the insurance companies, then whole concept of Universal Health Care and the Democrats will be faulted by the Republicans when the insurance companies raise their premiums through the roof!

Thank God for Ed Schultz and Rep. Dennis Kucinich. They are expressing the views of most Democrats and yes most Americans! See the video  below!

President Obama is starting to get some testosterone but not enough! He is taking on the Fox Opinion Channel somewhat. Excuse me Mr. President but Fox and their fellow travelers have accused you of wanting death panels, being a Muslim, a non-American and a Nazi. The last being quite an accomplishment for a Black male. They smeared you for going to Delaware and paying respect to our fallen soldiers! They smear you for Afghanistan, yet for years they let the Afghan opium grow to support Al Qaeda! They turned their back on Afghanistan and Al Qaeda so they could perform their SOCIAL ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT in Iraq! I understand the need to play “Presidential”! But enough is enough! When are you going to swing back or at least unleash Vice President Biden!

We had to endure endless hours of “news” about Rev. Wright but almost nothing concerning Sarah Palin’s Church and the wackos minister from Africa who hunts witches. Mr. President while your loyalty to America is being questioned by Fox and the Republicans we never hear anything about Sarah Palin and her links to the Alaskan Independence Party. Yes I know she was not “formally” a member but her hubby was and as late as last year she even addressed their convention! What about her links to the late Joe Vogler!

What drives me nuts is that the Republicans are actually playing the populist point in attacking the big banks and corporations!

Health Care without a STRONG Public Option is merely an Insurance Company Bailout! We will be forced to pay premiums to the Corporate Collective while they use those funds to finance K – Street, Republicans and some Blue Dog Democrats! That is “Taxation Without Representation”! Where the hell is the outrage! We need a liberal version of the Tea Party Movement!

Progressive Senators should filibuster the Health Care Bill unless everyone can have access to the Public Option! To hell with financing it. Did the Republicans worry about money when they lowered taxes for the rich or commited us to their SOCIAL ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT in Iraq!

We need Medicare for all and right now not in 2013!