Yo Thin Skinned Birther Donny Trump You Are Not The Center Of The World

I am really getting fed up with this narcissistic whining little baby we have as president.

  • No, Mr. President, they are NOT “your generals”. They get their commission from the Congress of the United States you are their “constitutional commander in chief” not their owner. But then again you never put on the uniform, did you?
  • Trump spread the lies of birtherism and death panels. This pampered little wimp now spreads lies of “the fake news media” because they will not buy into his narrative. NYET….NYET…NYET!
  • Trump thinks football is becoming too weak. He wants them to give each other brain injuries so they can be as stupid as he is.
  • American workers should pay attention to Trump’s treatment of football players because it shows his philosophy concerning job safety.
  • As our jobs get offshored to China the question arises, “what about putting a tariff of 35% on these CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS?” Republicans have control of both houses of Congress and Birther Donny Trump in the White House. Why doesn’t he fulfill his campaign promise?

Leaders Set An Example But Birther Donny Trump Plays Golf

President Trump uses the psychological defense mechanism of projection.

The Freudian defense mechanism of projection is when you project your own shortcoming on to others rather than take responsibility for your own character faults.

Here are just a few examples of Trump’s use of this defense mechanism.

  1. It’s not me it is them.” His claim of “fake news” when he spread the lies of birtherism and death panels.
  2. His lack of leadership skills and he accuses the Mayor of San Juan for that.
  3. His attack on John McCain for not being a war hero when Trump wishes he could be as patriotic as McCain.
  4. He claims the people of Puerto Rico should stop wanting things done for them. Yet he went bankrupt four times and had no problem getting bailed out.

Below is a tweet that I have embedded that shows the hypocrisy of Donald Trump.


It is time for Birther Donny Trump to grow up.

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  1. Donny’s limited vocabulary usually defaults to the same language and “his generals” is one of a few he chooses…what I find interesting is how he’s drawn to regiment and discipline, and yet he has none in his behavior. People with ADHD, which I believe he has, want what they cannot control, predictability and parameters. We can only hope these “generals” can control him when he spirals out of control, which he’s bound to do.