Zimmerman Verdict

If you find this verdict hard to believe remember the burden of proof is on the prosecutor and isn’t that the way we want it to be? There are two avenues left however.

  1. A federal civil rights case.
  2. A civil action as was the case with O.J. Simson

I believe the prosecution made a big mistake by aiming to high by going for a  murder conviction! You have to put your gut reaction aside and look at what evidence you have to present. The whole case got side swiped by the issue of whose screams were on the on the call and who punched who.

George Zimmerman And Stand Your Ground

George Zimmerman’s job required him to be the eyes and ears of the police not their strong arm.

The whole case in my opinion is about this:

George Zimmerman should never have been where he was when he the two collided no matter who threw the first punch. – PERIOD!

If he did not go beyond his job and pursue Travon Martin this whole problem would never have occurred. Zimmerman’s actions made an innocent Trayvon Martin believe he was being pursued by a strange man in a car. So Martin responded in self defense as his space was violated. He had the right to “stand his ground” as he was on foot and did not have the mobility that Zimmerman had.

The prosecution should have centered on this as a manslaughter case. Instead the whole issue got side tracked by the murder charge where in the issue was changed from the above to instead who punched whom.


Imagine A White Trayvon Martin

I realize Zimmerman is not strictly white but I am trying to make a point.

  • In this scenario a “white” Trayvon Martin is pursued by a “strange Black man” in a car.
  • Our White Trayvon Martin is a member of the NRA and has his pistol.
  • From a distance of 1/2 block he shoots a Black George Zimmerman who is a community watch dog. But that fact is unknown to both the real Trayvon Martin and our reverse one in this scenario.
  • Note the radius of space with our White Trayvon Martin, armed with his NRA membership card and gun.

Can you imagine Fox News and their reaction?

A White Trayvon Martin would be a hero because he shot in self-dense and the “radius of his ground” would be larger because he had a gun. While the real Trayvon Martin who did not have a gun, was considered the attacker.

Now back to our scenario. After it is over it is found that the “Black” George Zimmerman told police he had to follow the “white” Trayvon Martin because if he did not then “the cracker” would get away. My point is if the case were reversed and a “Black” George Zimmerman had used a racial epitaph against a “White” Trayvon Martin Fox News would hit the roof.

Next at the trial the “Black” George Zimmerman refused to take the stand! Can you imagine Fox News?

“Why does he not take the stand? What does he have to hide”?

Maybe Zimmerman should have been forced to testify by water boarding him. After all that is not torture – correct?

But Fox News has really nothing to do with the tragedy that occurred that night so let me return to the main topic.

Zimmerman A Racist Or An Activist?

The story is even more bizarre. Zimmerman’s “fatal choice” to go beyond merely making an initial report is what triggered the whole problem.

Was that fatal choice because George Zimmerman is a racist or an activist who got carried away?

There is strong evidence that George Zimmerman is an “activist”. Consider these factors that a google and ask.com search will render.

  1. Zimmerman made critical reports of police being lazy.
  2. George Zimmerman rose to the defense of a homeless Black man who was beaten by the then police chief’s son. Zimmerman even pushed Black organizations to protest.
  3. Zimmerman tutored Black kids.
  4. He also has a Black friend who is strongly defending him.

I have the sick feeling that two good individuals meet that night and Zimmerman may have taken his job beyond it’s legal scope. The prosecution should have simply centered around Zimmerman’s fatal error to “not stand his ground but go beyond it” which generated Trayon Martin’s honest feeling of being threatened.

Because of the factors I mentioned above I do not believe George Zimmerman is a racist but and activist who made a reckless choice.

Zimmerman did not “stand his ground” his choice made him “go beyond his ground“. That choice made Trayvon Martin, without a car, “stand his ground“!

The fact is that when we get angry all of us use hurtful words at “individuals” we believe are evil. ┬áBut that does not prove we label an entire group as evil. You mean to tell me if a Black person gets mad at a “individual” White person and he uses the term “cracker” or “whitie” then he hates all white people? Nonsense! Granted these words should never be used by any racial or religious group but lets be honest.

Can we please take tempers out of this horrible situation and allow the justice system to see if a civil case or civil rights case is involved here?

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  1. The jury could make no other decision than Not Guilty based on the evidence. Martin was no choir boy, based on information the prosecution failed to provide defense.Martin threw the first punch knocking Zimmerman bloodied Zimmerman and beating Zimmerman head against concert walk. Zimmerman could not defend himself and had the fight continued Zimmerman could be dead. Zimmerman only choice was reach his gun and fire. If I were helpless and any other person in Zimmermans situation would do whatever necessary to survive. Zimmerman did not start a fight and Martin should not have jumped Zimmerman and Martin would still be alive. I suspect Martin thought someone following me I’ll beat the crap out of him and he almost did. That is what the jurors thought what if I was Zimmerman.

    • BrianDude says:

      You seem to be one sided. Zimmerman had an arrest record. In fact it was for fighting with police. Good thing those police were not as aggressive as he was.

      Zimmerman was also accused of domestic violance. You seem to gloss past that.


      But regardless of both their pasts one thing is certain!

      Zimmerman should NEVER have been pursueing Travon Martin – PERIOD! He had no ground to stand on as his job was for him to “stand down” which every military person understands. He did NOT need the police dispatcher to tell him that.

      I wonder could you respond to the scenario of a “White Travon Martin” that I described in the post. What if Martin were white, had a gun, and a NRA membership card. What would be the response of conservatives if a Black Zimmmerman was pursuing him?